Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Silent World

(I wrote this while trying to see and feel the world through Ali Raza’s eyes. Or at least trying to. Ali Raza is a two-year old boy who is deaf. He is my cousin’s son. Really cute. The following is just a portion of the whole writing I have been working on.)

“The world is completely silent for me. Or that is what others tell me. Everything is quiet. I don’t know what “SILENT” actually means. I don’t even what is this thing people call “NOISE” and maybe not knowing it is what “silent” means. Existence of anything remains unknown until and unless someone actually “senses” it. That is how people know that God exists because at some point in their lives, people have ‘sensed’ God and His workings. For me “SILENCE” and “NOISE” don’t exist at all.

I see and feel the world the way others cannot, and others see and feel the world the way I cannot. Or that is what others tell me. If that is the case then I am different. I am special. Every great thinker, philosopher, revolutionary or prophet was different and they saw and felt the world the way others could not. They were special. They were gifted. I am gifted…”


  1. That's awesome, dude! It seems like you understand what most people don't about deaf people. Not being able to hear doesn't mean that you're disabled. Some of the happiest kids I have met have been deaf. Deafness isn't something that needs to be fixed, it's not something a deaf person needs to get used to. It's something that they have and will live with their entire lives and something that we need to understand. They don't need help or pity, they just need us. That's awesome! :D

  2. Fact: Ludwig van Beethoven, arguably the most influential composer of all time, was deaf!!

  3. I sometimes wish I was deaf. It would be so much better to not know the torturing noises around! It would be so much better to be mute than to harm others by tongue! Thanks Luke. You know YOU are awsome!

    Thanks waisybabu for the fact. Beethoven could hear in his early life but lost it slowly. Losing hearing is different than not having it at all since birth and these kids dont even know what "sound" is. They are happy the way they are. While I am sure Beethoven would be going through painful Hell when he lost his hearing.
    thanks for the comment.

  4. Good one :) Not many in our society understand what's stated there. Deafs don't need high sci-tech devices, they only need some recognition and love from us- the not so special ones.

  5. True shehroz.These beautiful creatures are not supposed to be treated 'specially'.They are way better than us.

  6. my God ur thoughts r beautiful for ur nephew. u seem like such a pure soul. i dont know how to follow ur blog..but i would like to..
    and wud u care to see and follow mine?

  7. And by special ones i mean "they are better than us"
    Thanks Komal, you are right.

    Thanks Maham for dropping by and leaving a comment. :-)

    Catgirl, thanks "catgirl"
    ill check out your blog.