Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Insanity and Life

Its been almost a whole year and I am still not over my USA year. I still miss my time. I am going crazy. Insane. I wish I could relive it all again. Just once. Please.

I am lucky to have met some of the most beautiful people in the year 2008. I wish I could bring it all back. I wish I could be with them forever. First of all, I had the loveliest Host Parents ever. Ryan and Peggy. My American PARENTS. Even though at times I know I annoyed them but they never said a word. Ryan Dad always took care of me like his own true son. Peggy mom always cooked the most delicious meals and not to forget the mouthwatering Desserts she made. They just had a wonderful family who took me under their wings in an alien land. There is so much about them that even a whole book would not be sufficient.

Then comes Luke Kneeshaw (Homo Gayshaw). The one person I admire more than anyone. I still do not know how a popular ASB president came to be friends with an insignificant Pakistani exchange student. I still don’t know. I remember the first time I met him. Then I remember the night I made him and others run away from our house through the backdoor. That really pissed my host family. But my intention was to not disturb them. All the small mistakes I made in USA were always unintentional and I got to learn a lot from them.

I will not say much about Marcelo because just by thinking about him I get tears in my eyes. Still. That may sound gay but I miss him a lot.

After them comes a long list of people I miss extremely and would do anything to be with them again. Luis, Jenny, Franzi, Teresza, Sara, The Exchange Student Gang, The Hauser Family, The Church Folks, everyone related to the Egerdahls.

I am going insane. And I do not know what is the cure to this malady.


  1. As before, the old man returned to his home. Eyes filled with the salty sting of tears. He had been strong for his friend, as strong as he could be. His mind was filled with the thoughts of his wandering friends, returned to their homes. What else was there to think about? The old man did not know. The old man was alone. What would become of him? What would the old man do without the company of his dearest friends? The only men who had ever known him as well as they did. The old man was lost. Where would he go? The old man had no answer. He was sick, sick beyond sickness. He was sad, sadder than his failing words could articulate. Nobody understood. Nobody except those two travelers in their foreign lands. (It's not good, I don't wanna hear about it... I just thought it applied.)

  2. The old man must know that no matter what the distances, their connection will never be lost. Theold man must also know that his friends are always there for him even though they are physically in another world. One more thing, the old man must also know that God does not just randomly make people friends. There is always a purpose.